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The Run Around || A Twine Story in a Post

Here is my short Twine story. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment on any suggestions, improvements, or issues!

The Run Around


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Hobbies, Hopes, and... I'm Out of H Words || An Introduction

Everyone keeps telling me to change my major... Welcome to the blog! My name is Rhys and I am a senior Psychology major! When I'm not scrambling to complete my degree, I work as a 3D printing student specialist for OU Libraries and as a lab assistant for the OU Visual Neuroscience Laboratory.  I'm looking forward to graduating this summer after a study abroad trip to Scotland. 
When I'm not at work or school, I spend my time entertaining a variety of hobbies including programming, circuit building, 3D art, animation, and design, 3D printing, video production, visual effects, and cooking! I spend quite a lot of time working on all of these things, which has led to a running joke among my family and friends that I declared the wrong major.  3D World Animation
I'm always looking to learn new skills. I honestly love learning and school. In fact, I plan on pursuing a career in academia as a psychology researcher. Essentially, I plan on never leaving school! After graduation…

Home Away from Home || Some of My Favorite Places to Be

Seem a little random don't they? Well if I had to choose some of my favorite places, I would have to choose one that was an amazing travel destination and two that are like my homes away from home.
The amazing travel destination would be the island of Iraklia in Greece! Quite a place to spend a 20th birthday.

The next place is actually oddly specific. Myers Hall at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA holds many fond memories for me and will always feel like a second home, even though it has been many years since I've been there.

The last place that feels like a home away from home to me is Santa Fe, New Mexico. My parents are originally from Santa Fe and Albuquerque and we visit constantly. In fact, as of the time I am writing this, we plan on visiting again in just a little over a week. 

Photo credits: Iraklia: Personal Photo Myers Hall Santa Fe

Microfiction: Snow and Sadness

Short stories require big effort... 140-Character Story: It Bites So difficult. So painful. The snow, the wind, and the cold all bite. But not as bad as those wolves. Run faster and leave the others behind.

280-Character Story: See Them Again In the normal course of events, I would've been delighted to see my mother. Always loving and caring. I really miss her. And here she is in front of me. A happy reunion waiting to happen. But it can't happen. She's been gone too long. She's not real. So why can I feel her hug me?

Author's Note: I swear I'm not a sad or gloomy person. That last story may have been a little on the depressing or hopeful side depending on how you look at it. Don't worry, my mother is alive and well and will probably stay that way for a long time. But I do know the feeling of wanting to see a loved one again. Hug them one last time. Even if it might be a dream...

The first story was really a fun one to write. I wanted to make both of these…