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Hobbies, Hopes, and... I'm Out of H Words || An Introduction

Everyone keeps telling me to change my major...

Welcome to the blog! My name is Rhys and I am a senior Psychology major! When I'm not scrambling to complete my degree, I work as a 3D printing student specialist for OU Libraries and as a lab assistant for the OU Visual Neuroscience Laboratory.  I'm looking forward to graduating this summer after a study abroad trip to Scotland. 
Move In Day!

When I'm not at work or school, I spend my time entertaining a variety of hobbies including programming, circuit building, 3D art, animation, and design, 3D printing, video production, visual effects, and cooking! I spend quite a lot of time working on all of these things, which has led to a running joke among my family and friends that I declared the wrong major. 
3D World Animation

I'm always looking to learn new skills. I honestly love learning and school. In fact, I plan on pursuing a career in academia as a psychology researcher. Essentially, I plan on never leaving school! After graduation this semester, I plan on attending graduate school and, eventually, obtaining a PhD in psychology. However, I don't plan on giving up my hobbies anytime soon, and I'm glad to have found employment in Norman that lets me use my skills for profit!

Hmmm... what else to talk about? Family maybe? I have one older sister, a graduate of OU. My parents are both physicians who enjoy travelling the world and eating all the food. I am of mixed Chinese and white (mostly Swiss) heritage. My mom (pictured above) is Chinese, but both of my parents are actually from New Mexico. As a consequence, I enjoy and cook both Chinese and New Mexican food. Heavy on spice! 

Anyway, if you made it this far into this painful introduction, you're pretty cool! Thanks for reading!

Photo and Video Credits:
Move In Day! - Personal photo. 
3D World Animation - Personal video.


  1. Oh my gosh, Rhys: study abroad to Scotland. That sounds marvelous! Maybe you will want to use this class to learn about Scottish folklore and get ready for all the legendary sites that await you. (If not so much spicy food...). Some Scottish story collections in the Freebookapalooza: Scotland.
    And with psychology, you have questions you can ponder and think about wherever you go and whoever you talk to... and the intersections with hobbies will also abound! I am definitely a fan of work-related hobbies; the more work is like play, the better it suits me. I am curious to see which story paths you will want to follow in this class!

  2. Hi Rhys!

    All of this 3D stuff you work on sounds very interesting. I think 3D printing is very cool, and I know places like the OU Innovation Hub have 3D printers available to students, but I have never taken advantage of it...maybe I should! One of my roommates is a Psychology major like you, so I hear a lot about the different psych classes he takes. One of my other roommates is from New Mexico, so he puts green chile on EVERYTHING, so I can see why you like spice!

    1. Hey Robert!

      Thanks for the comment! You totally should go check out the Innovation Hub or the Edge in the library or our sister branch in Couch dorms! 3D printing is tons of fun and it's really awesome that the university provides the service for free. Psychology is a lot of fun, I wish your roommate luck! And, as always, green chile is life! I do put it on everything I can think of!

  3. Hey Rhys!

    I am also a senior Psychology major! I am so jealous that you are getting to go on the study abroad trip to Scotland with Dr. Terry! I took his Capstone course this past fall and it was amazing, something to look forward to!

    I am looking into attending law school in New Mexico! Any advice on the best places to visit, eat, etc. in and around Albuquerque?

    I enjoy learning too and I think having a diverse set of skills can only be beneficial. You seem to have a lot of hobbies and skills related to the tech industry which is super cool and gives you a leg up!

    Best of luck to you this semester, and enjoy this summer!!

    1. Hey WilkeADubb!

      Thanks for commenting! I'm really looking forward to this trip! I had a class last semester with (Mrs.) Dr. Terry (The Dr. Terry that you're talking about's wife) and the class was great! I'm really excited to take a trip and learn more with both of the Dr. Terry's!

      Albuquerque is a great city! The University of New Mexico is my parents' alma mater and to this day they love the university and the city. I would recommend going to Frontier! It's a breakfast/brunch/cafe place near-ish to the university. It has the best cinnamon rolls I've ever enjoyed and their fresh squeezed orange juice is amazing!

      Hobbies are always fun to have and I'm of the opinion that there is always something new to learn. I am glad that I just happened to fall into hobbies related to the tech field. Hopefully they'll serve me well in the future!

      Good luck with your semester and law school!

  4. Hi Rhys!

    It's nice to meet you! I'm a senior in mechanical engineering so I don't often get the opportunity to meet other people in other majors. My Capstone team and I are actually working on designing and building a ceramic 3D printer this semester! I thought it would be cool to mention since you're a 3D printing student specialist and are interested in 3D printing!

    Anyways, best wishes and have a great semester!

    1. Hey DaMythDaLegend!

      Thank you for commenting on this post! Designing and building your own ceramic printer is awesome! I've played around with a couple of ceramic printers in the past and I think they're an awesome use of the technology! I'd be really interested to hear how it all works out! Let me know!

  5. Hey, Rhys! My family is actually from Scotland, so I'm super jealous that you're getting to go there. It should be beautiful, and I hope you have a great time! As the sister of a licensed therapist and someone who has regularly been seeking counseling since college (not ashamed, our mental health is so important!), I applaud you for pursuing psychology. It seems like you have a lot of really diverse skills, and I'm glad you've been able to find work that allows you to profit off of that. I had the pleasure of living in Mexico for a year, so I'm a big fan of spice, too. My boyfriend's family lives there, and I'm slowly but surely learning all their favorite recipes. Cooking is a hobby of mine, too; I find it relaxing after a long day of seminars and homework. I hope your semester goes well, and have fun in Scotland!

  6. Hi Rhys! Awesome intro! You certainly are one busy bee! I certainly need to be more like that! Its awesome you have this natural love for learning. I have never seen the 3D printer area on campus but I wanna definitely check it out! Also amazing that you're going to Scotland! It must be so beautiful over there. I hope to one day study abroad somewhere! Have an amazing semester and great job on all your accomplishments! Best wishes :)

  7. Hey Rhys! Good luck on the psychology stuff! That has always been an interest to me and understanding how the mind works! The 3D printing is always really neat and I feel like it will be apart of the next huge medical advancements! You never know, you might be apart of that! Good luck with your studies and I hope I get to read more of your posts!

  8. Hi Rhys,
    I liked reading about who you are as a person, and I feel like I know you so much better and we haven't even met. I like how you are planning on pursuing a career in psychology. That is becoming a thriving industry in the last few years. I know it is hard to get your foot in the door, but in the end, from what my best friend has told me, it would be worth it.

  9. Hey Rhys,

    Do you work in the Edge at Bizzell? I work up at the Circulation desk, so we may have seen each other before! That's so great that you have avenues to pursue the hobbies you love so much that don't necessarily require you to major in them. I think it's a good thing to be well-rounded, and your major doesn't have to determine your interests. Have fun in Scotland, and good luck on your last semester!

  10. Hey, Rhys! So nice to read your introduction, what a cool and exciting life you lead! I used to work down at The Bookmark Cafe in the lower level of the Biz, so I know how hectic working in the library is, maybe our paths have crossed before! I think working with the 3D printing lab would be so cool, but I do not know the first thing about 3D printing, but it is super awesome you get to work around such interesting technology!
    Anyways, great to read your introduction!
    Best wishes,

  11. Hi Rhys! Sounds like you definitely keep yourself busy. I love 3D printing too, as my high school was a 3D printing center for my county. In my senior year I was able to take a class where we learned to create 3D models and use the printers themselves. It's a hobby that I definitely want to get back into!

  12. Hello Rhys,

    I would like to began by saying that it is cool that you are majoring in Psychology. It also very neat that you work as a 3D printing specialist at the OU library. I also have a 3D printer at home and love to make weird and cool things with it. It is one unique machine that allows one to make whatever they desire.

  13. Hi Rhys! I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland. Graduating after a study abroad trip like that sounds so great! Your work with 3D printing sounds interesting as well. I love psychology too. My major is criminology and I’ve found that there’s a little bit of overlap from time to time. I hope you have a great semester! I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

  14. Hi Rhys!

    It sounds like you are very creative with your hobbies! I have often thought of getting a PHD (in accounting), but I definitely need a break before I maybe pursue that. I respect your drive to stay in school and get your PHD. Scotland sounds like it will be so much fun! I have never been to Scotland (or the UK for that matter, unless you count the London airport). Enjoy your last few months as an undergrad!

  15. Hi Rhys!

    Your trip to Scotland sounds like it was a crazy good time as I have been wanting to go somewhere in that region of Europe ever since I was young. I also have experience with 3D modeling at my past internships and find that it is an extremely interesting process that has all kinds of potential. I hope you enjoy the rest of the semester and can't wait to read what all you make!

  16. Hey Rhys!
    Great introduction! First of all, your cooking sounds amazing! I can't imagine what kind of fun blends of Chinese/New Mexican food you've done (so much spice!). It sounds like overall you have a very diverse range of interests, personality, hobbies, etc, which is great! Its so cool to meet someone who can equally appreciate so many different things. Have fun in Scotland this summer!

  17. Hi Rhys! First of all, if you love psychology, are working in a neuroscience lab, and plan on continuing graduate research in psych, you did not pick the wrong major! I am also a psych major and also have a wide array of hobbies that have nothing to do with my major, but I am certain that I am studying exactly what I am supposed to be studying. I think it is great that you love so many things and have so many different skills, that is always great. I loved the animation you made, it looks like it could be part of an indie open-world videogame or something like that. You sound like a super interesting person and I am glad I got to know a little bit about you. Good luck with the rest of the semester!

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