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Molly's Got Some Guts || English Fairy Tales Part B

  • How the initial character can go from "something hit my head" to "the sky is falling" is a mystery to me.
    • Still, the story was interesting and the fox was clever in its taking advantage of the other animals' stupidity.
    • Why did the other animals go along with Henny-Penny in the first place? Were they all so easily convinced that the sky was falling?
  • Molly Whuppie is fearless.
    • And does the King not feel any trepidation about sending someone back into the lair of a giant over and over?
    • Is this story the origin of the "Fee Fi Fo Fum"?
  • Mr. Fox certainly got what was coming to him. Though it seems that his downfall was more due to mere coincidence than any noble action on the part of anyone else.
    • I do like how quick her brothers and friends were to kill Mr. Fox when they saw the danger.
    • I would have thought that Mr. Fox would have caught on a little quicker and perhaps have tried to make an escape. 
  • Wow I didn't think the gingerbread story could impart a lesson on hubris.
    • Also, another story with a clever fox.
    • Are foxes generally considered very clever?
  • Mr. Miacca seems exactly like the usual "Be careful or so and so will get you!" kind of story. 
    • Tommy Grimes learns his lesson
    • He's also very clever (or Mr. and Mrs. Miacca are very dumb)
      • Probably both.
  • The story of new queen who is a witch seems to follow the power of 3 motif.
  • What happened to the old king? It seems that the new queen has all of the power and it says that the son takes over as king basically as soon as the witch is vanquished.
  • "And when he came back his father was dead." That part seems like it was moved on from rather quickly.
    • Also, while Jack may have been a little extreme with the whole beating of the other girls with a stick, he still seems to be a bit of an old romantic with how he deals with the situation for his love.
  • Don't mess with pixies is generally a good rule right?
    • I feel that if Dame Goody had stopped to consider why others weren't reacting to the pixie for a moment, she might have avoided her fate.
Fee Fi Fo Fum!

Unit: English Fairy Tales
By: Joseph Jacobs

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