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Cinderella, Pigs, and Sorcerer's || Reading Notes: English Fairy Tales Part A

  • The bad deeds in this first story are so casual and wildly spin out of control.
    • One could argue that the daughter is at least partially responsible for her own predicament.
    • The King seems especially casual about the whole "I'll cut off your head" bit.
  • So the girl successfully uses Tom Tit Tot to produce the skeins
    • But then she says his name to avoid becoming his.
    • But she never sees him again?
      • So how will she survive the next year?
      • This could make a fun sort of epilogue story.
  • This second story is undeniably dark. 
    • Though I like the idea of the daughter reincarnated in the bird.
    • Maybe a less dark rewrite?
  • The third story I did not think would actually work out in the end. I thought for sure it would just get more and more convoluted until the old woman just ended up giving up or something.
    • Though it was interesting seeing the relationship between all the objects and animals that the old woman talks to.
    • I think the moral here could be:
      • It's sometimes easier to do something yourself than to get others to do it for you.
  • Two stories now featuring a murdered family member and some kind of "reincarnation" for either revenge or to name their killer.
  • The song-like conversation between the cat and the mouse was very interesting. And that ending was sudden if not unexpected.
  • Cap o' Rushes was very Cinderella-esque. 
    • Almost like a Cinderella story inside another story
      • Like a more convoluted way of getting around to the point where the father realizes that his daughter loved him.
      • Though I don't think the statement "I love you as fresh meat loves salt." signifies more love than the other daughters. Even if it's true.
  • So the story of the three little pigs may have been about goats originally?
    • Also, the man (or men) who gives these pigs the materials for their houses is very generous. I wonder if one could incorporate a character from another story as this man.
  • That was a much longer and more detailed version of the three little pigs story than any I've ever read.
    • I like the continuing dynamic between the third (and smartest) pig and the wolf who seems not to learn.
  • I can definitely see how the last story inspired Disney's Fantasia and the Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Disney's Fantasia

By: Joseph Jacobs

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