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Week 8 Reading and Writing

Halfway through the semester already! I can hardly believe it! Only half a semester stands between me and graduation! It barely feels like any time has passed at all. Overall, I think I'm fairly satisfied with my progress and work in this class. I know that I'm not the greatest writer, but I'm still proud of the work that I've been producing and I do sincerely hope that some of you guys who are reading it do enjoy it.

In terms of design, I really like my blog. I've always been a fan of the "dark" theme on many applications and I wanted to replicate that a bit in my blog. I also think that the white text on a dark background makes it easier to read and I intentionally made my font a little bigger to aid this as well. Obviously, I want my blog to be a comfortable reading experience and I hope that I have achieved that. When I first made the blog, I added a widget for an NPR newsfeed because I really think that keeping up to date on news is incredibly important and I trust NPR the most as a non-partisan news source. In reviewing my blog for this assignment, I decided to implement a couple of other widgets that were suggested in the TechTips assignment, just for fun. I added a countdown to the beginning of Spring Break (I'll probably change it to countdown to the end of the semester after Spring Break) and a little weather widget below the NPR newsfeed because weather in Oklahoma is pretty important too. Now, for my storybook website, I did not change to a dark theme. I'm still not entirely sure why I didn't, but, overall, I like the style of the website still. It's possible that I might change the banner color at the top at some point but I don't think that I'll be making any other major style changes. I like my title and I think it'll play into the stories I write, so I won't be changing that.

One thing that I do want to work on improving is my notetaking abilities. I think that the notes that I end up taking for each reading are pretty basic and lack any real usefulness. I find myself disregarding them almost entirely when I write my versions. I think I need to practice using the different note-taking strategies more and I need to make sure that I am actively taking notes as I read.

In any case, I think that I am fairly satisfied with how the class is progressing. I'm excited to work more on my storybook and I continue to enjoy almost all of the readings that I do. 

Below I've attached a GIF that I included in my last story about the trickster god Anansi. I chose this particular GIF because it's actually taken from the show American Gods. I'm a big fan of the show and the character in the GIF is the show's interpretation of Anansi. He's really one of my favorite characters in the show so I thought I would pay him homage a bit in this story.

Anansi from American Gods
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