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Me? Procrastinate? Never! || Time Strategies, Skills, and Tips

It's just my way of life...

Procrastination is as much an art form as it is an undeniable problem among students. The art lies in finding the proper amount. The problem arises, of course, when you misjudge this amount. I imagine that this amount varies from person to person as some people work better under pressure than others.

That being said, it never hurts to take a little advice. From the articles provided, I think two demonstrated some solid advice that might help with my own procrastination.

Study Time!

1. Eat The Frogs First Thing in The Morning

This article's title certainly caught my attention right off the bat. The proverbial "frogs" that the author is talking about are simply the tasks that seem to be the worst or "hardest to swallow". Really the article is about prioritization and understanding that getting the hardest or most unpleasant tasks out of the way first is the best way to stay motivated to continue working. In my own procrastination, I'll often do things in random order and I find that saving the hardest or longest thing for last is often a good way of ensuring that I have no more motivation or energy to tackle the task. Going for the big one (so to speak) at first outset might be a better strategy for me to employ in the future. 

2. Four Questions to Help You Overcome Procrastination

This article is sort of similar to the previous one. The questions that it instructs you to ask yourself do much the same in the way of prioritization as the previous article. However, some of the questions also ask you to consider what consequences there might be for not completing a task or how you can get started with a little action. These questions could provide the necessary motivation to continue after hours of working.

Overall, there a couple of things to take away from these articles. This semester, with multiple online classes, as well as work and a research lab, I anticipate that finding the time and motivation to keep up with my online work will be the greatest challenge I face. My current time management strategies (i.e. my complete lack of said strategies) will probably not fly.

With any luck, new strategies and new motivation will see me through this semester and into my future!

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Study Time! (Also a really informative article from Psychology Today)


  1. Like other college students have undoubtedly experienced, I've personally have fallen victim to procrastination in the most inopportune times. I've found myself with too little time or motivation to accomplish the tasks that I absolutely need to get done. Through reading up on strategies on motivating myself, I especially like the strategy of getting the most difficult tasks out of the way first and helping to motivate myself to finish the smaller tasks on my to-do list.


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