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Isn't Technology Beautiful? || Course Technology Post

Cool technology is my life...

In my free time, I like to dabble in technology. From 3D printing to circuit building, to coding, to website design, I enjoy anything and everything that the technological revolution of the past few decades has brought to mankind. As such, I am fairly familiar with many of the technologies that are being presented in this class and am glad that they are being utilized in my education! Website building and image editing are two of my pastimes and I look forward to using them in this class.

This is the first online course that I have taken through the university and the format and design of the class are much different from anything else I've ever experienced in an academic setting. Specifically, structuring most of the assignments as less of a formal presentation or paper that has to be submitted for approval and more of a free-flowing idea space in the form of the blog, is much different from any other class I have taken. 

During the semester I'd like to work on integrating my passion for coding little unique programs that do one or two fun things (like generate wacky random sentences or create random compliments) into my blog and websites. In addition to this, I'd like to gain more experience in designing and formatting websites and blogs, and I hope that observing others' design choices will further this interest.

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The only browser/web tips that I could think of aside from those listed would maybe be to add AdBlockerPlus and Grammarly to your browser. AdBlockerPlus works wonders for removing annoying and distracting ads that can pop up on some webpages. Grammarly helps with both spellchecking and grammar usage and is essential for writing on webpages. Aside from these, it might also be useful to check under your browser's notification settings from time to time in order to ensure that whatever services you want to send you notifications haven't been accidentally disabled and other services that shouldn't be sending you notifications have somehow enabled themselves.

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  1. I think it's so cool of you to dabble with technology in your free time, especially 3D printing. That's actually my senior design Capstone project for this semester, so I'm trying to finish this class early to dedicate more of my time towards finishing the 3D printer later on in the semester. I also love using an ad-blocker on my web browser to block all those annoying ads that just seemingly appear out of nowhere!


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