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Gods, Eggs, Hedgehogs, and Hell || Topic Brainstorm

What do you write about when you can write about anything?

Creation Stories
The Universe As an Egg

Creation stories are definitely some of the oldest and most interesting stories out there. I think that what draws me to this topic are some of the great takes and twists on creation stories that I've had the pleasure of reading before. I've attached links to two of my favorite ones down below. They're quite short but well written and both provide unique takes on the idea of a creation story. I think I'd love to take a stab at writing something like this myself. I think it would be really fun to try and branch out and integrate some of the ideas of multiple different creation stories into one story.

Short Stories:
The Egg by Andy Weir
Reddit Writing Prompt (Story Comment by user Luna_LoveWell)

American Gods Poster

Quite a broad topic. There is obviously a lot I could do here. I always liked the idea of trying to integrate the gods of different religions into the same stories. It's something that I admire about the writings of Rick Riordan, simply the fact that he's willing to acknowledge that all these groups of gods and goddesses exist simultaneously. I think, if I did this topic, I would like to do some stories similar to the ones in the "A Meeting of the Gods" storybook or the STARZ television series American Gods based on the book by Neil Gaiman. I'd like to learn about all the different gods from mythology and take a stab at how they might interact with each other.

(Another short story from a writing prompt on Tumblr. A strange title but a good story. Response by user fenrir-kin.):
Aliens vs the Old Gods

Dante's Inferno
Grand Prismatic Hot Spring

The writing and presentation of the storybook Hell on Earth was one that I really enjoyed. I like the idea of rewriting the traditional concept of Hell, giving it a modern spin. Or maybe writing about a Hell that has simply stopped caring, one in which the demons, devils, and sinners realize that the world above will never stop sinning; so what's really the point? There are a lot of ways to have fun with rewriting the concept of Hell and I'd love to learn about similar concepts in various religions and cultures.

The Music of a Story
Hedgehog Stock Photo

This is an idea I had after reading The Brave Hedgehog storybook. I really liked the pairing of music with stories and I began to wonder if I could possibly use music to inspire a story instead of a story to inspire the music. I'm not some great composer or music aficionado, but I think it could be fun to listen to songs and attempt to produce a story, just from the sounds and feelings evoked. The story, then, would depend really on the feelings evoked by the music. They could be sad stories, exciting action-packed stories, or even introspective stories.

Photo Credits:
The Universe As an Egg
American Gods Poster
Grand Prismatic Hot Spring
Hedgehog Stock Photo


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